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Currently sold out,

Taking deposits!

Grass-fed Beef -

Boxes, bulk or cuts 

We are currently sold out of beef but are taking deposits for August and November butcher dates. Please  Email us or call Farmer Dan at (936) 463-8980 to check availability before sending your deposit.

  • Quarter beef - $50 deposit

  • Half or Whole - $100 deposit

*Send check or Venmo (@A7fatcowsfarm)


Why buy from 7 Fat Cows Farm: We have a small herd of Brangus cows that we are raising entirely on grass using a unique, intensive rotational grazing system. No grain ever. This yields a delicious and healthy beef that you'll feel great about eating. Since our cows eat nothing but grass, that means that it takes almost two years to reach maturity. This beef is raised differently from your average variety "grass-fed" beef and general feed-lot grocery store beef. You'll taste the flavor and feel the difference! We invite all our customers to come see the operation at our little farm in Hempstead. Farmer Dan loves talking cows.

Ways to order: Email us or call Farmer Dan at (936) 463-8980

How to get it: You are more than welcome to pick up at the farm or we can coordinate delivery. We do occasionally join Farmers Markets which we post about on social media. 


Beef Box Options:  Beef boxes are samplers of the various cuts that a cow provides. We are offering two sizes which will contain a mix of ground, steaks, roasts and stew meat. Check out the cuts listed at the bottom of the page to see what you will receive.  This is a great way to save on the cuts while getting a taste of the beauty of buying in bulk.


  • 25 Pound Box - $200

  • 50 Pound Box - $385


Bulk Orders:  Save the most money by buying in bulk. We sell by the quarter, half or whole. The more you buy the more you save. Split it with a friend! Half or whole orders allow for custom cuts if desired. Fill your freezer with real beef and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with less reliance on the grocery store!  Please note that the hanging weight of the animal is higher than the actual meat yield but still gives the biggest savings per pound overall.  We butcher at various times throughout the year so please contact us to reserve your beef or see what's available. 

  • Quarter beef: $5.75 per lb - $50 deposit

Average Hanging Weight: 140 lbs

Total Estimate Price: $805.00

  • Half beef: $5.15 - $100 deposit

Average Hanging Weight: 280 lbs

Total Estimated Price: $1,442.00

  • Whole beef $4.60 - $100 deposit

Average Hanging Weight: 560 lbs

Total Estimated Price: $2,576.00

Individual Cuts: Stock up on your favorite steaks, roasts, ground beef, organ meats and more! Check out the cuts below. Call or email to see what's in stock. 


  • Ribeye 1-1/4" thick, $13/lb

  • T-Bone 1" thick, $15/lb

  • New York Strip 1" thick, $17/lb

  • Tenderloin1-1/2" thick, $25/lb

  • Sirloin 1" thick, $11/lb

Roasts *average size listed*

  • Chuck Roast 3#, $9.00/lb

  • Shoulder Roast 3#, $9.00/lb

  • Brisket 4-5#, $11.00/lb

  • Flank 1.5#, $12/lb

  • Skirt/Fajita 1.5#, $12/lb


  • Boneless Stew 1#, $9

  • Hamburger 1#, $8

  • Liver 1#, $6

  • Bag of Bones $3

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