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Retail CUts | by the pound

We are very excited to offer individual cuts. This is a great way to try a new cut, stock up on your favorite cuts and dip your toe into the delicious (healthy) world of truly pastured pork. Make our truly pastured pork the star of your next meal! You will taste and feel the difference. Scroll down for pricing and cooking suggestions.

Ground Pork

1# packages

$7.50 per pound

You can't go wrong with ground pork. Perfect for meatballs, burgers, stir frys. 

Ground pan sausage (salt, pepper, garlic) 

1# packages

$8.00 per pound

This is a mild breakfast style blend. I love to make thin sausage patties or use this with some grass-fed beef for awesome, juicy burgers! All natural, just pork and spices. 

Butt ROasts (large & REgular) & SHoulder ROasts Bone-in

average 3-5# 

$9.00 per pound

Feed the family a hearty meal with a simple roast. I like to pressure cook or bake and shred any leftovers for taco night! Save the bones for broth.

Whole Shoulders - Limited!

Average 8-10#


These are the whole shoulders of the hog. They will feed the whole crew and create an impressive display! Smoke, slow cook, roast or slice them up and make smaller roasts. We have some larger and some smaller sizes.  

Pork chops 3/4" thick bone-in

average 1-2# for 2 chops per package

$9.50 per pound

Saute or grill. These chops are delicious with just a sprinkle of salt. Some of our chops are small so be sure to get enough for the family. We can help you decide how many to get!

Boneless Pork chops 3/4" thick

average 1# for 2 chops per package

$9.75 per pound (limited availability!)

These are the quickest way from hungry to dinner on the table. A quick pan saute and these will be ready!

Ribs (baby back & St. Louis Style)

average 3-4# per side ribs

$9.50 per pound (limited availability!)

Great for the smoker or the grill. I also oven roast them with a drizzle of homemade bbq sauce.

Shoulder Steaks (a thinner cut of a shoulder roast)

average 1-2# per package

$8.25 per pound 

These are excellent as a braised, slow cooked meat. Cut into chunks, saute and cook in some luscious sauce. 

all natural Sausage links (Jalapeno, Regular, Italian)

1# packages, 4 links per package

$9.00 per package

Saute in a pan with some lard to get a nice crispy skin, slice and eat! Or remove the sausage from the casing and add to spaghetti sauce. Delicious and so simple to cook up. And CLEAN, just meat and spices. 

All natural uncured smoked bacon (THE best clean bacon around!)

1# packages

$10.75 per package

This is the BEST bacon we've had. Totally uncured (no junk) but it's smoked which still gives it that classic bacon flavor. It's a medium to thick cut style. And save that bacon fat for cooking...everything!

Sausage Patties - 6 patties to a pack

3/4# packages

$7.25 per package

These patties are ready for the skillet! Already formed and seasoned for a quick meal. They are pretty thick and hearty so 1-2 per person for breakfast is great. Ingredients: Salt, Pepper, Garlic. 

Seasonal! All natural uncured smoked ham roasts, bone-in (great for a feast!)Limited availability, various sizes available

5-6# average per ham

$7.50 per pound

These ham roasts are awesome! Completely uncured (no junk), with a slightly sweet, smokey flavor. I wrapped mine in parchment and foil, baked at 375 till it reached about 175F, sliced and devoured. This could be a great roast for a bbq or prepare for a traditional holiday dinner with a simple honey glaze. This is uncured so this is not a typical lunch meat style flavor. It's pure, delicious, pork! Can't beat it!


Pork neck bones (for broth or canine pals) 

Average 3-4# packages

$3.00 per pound

Offal (kidney, liver, skin)

$4.00 per pound

Rendered Lard (the worlds best cooking fat!)


$7.00 per pint (Free pint for first time customers over $25 purchase!)

Ground fat (great to render into lard)

1# & 2# packages

$3.00 per pound


Email us at with your order. We accept card, cash, check, paypal, venmo, get the idea.    

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