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Pasture Raised Pork

Our pride and joy, well after our children of course! We cannot wait to share this healthy and delicious pork with you and your family. It's unlike anything you can get at the grocery store. Our pigs are raised on pastures their entire lives yielding one of the healthiest meats you can eat - fat included. We take serious pride in our pigs and would love for you to learn more about our practices here.

Please understand that by purchasing pork in bulk you are helping us to utilize the entire animal. A pig (unfortunately) isn't made entirely of bacon. Eating every cut on the animal allows us to honor their life and eat in the healthiest way possible. We generally expect about 15-20 pounds of bacon per pig. Delicious, meaty, fatty bacon! However, eating 'nose to tail' is a wonderful way to experience the quality, flavor and variety that a pig has to offer beyond just the bacon. The pork boxes are a great way to get a nice variety at a nice savings over buying by the individual cuts

How to buy | Boxes or by the cut

Boxes may include bacon, sausage, chops, roasts, cutlets, shoulder steaks, pan sausage and ground pork. Our boxes will not include fat, bones, feet or organs which makes your box a great value - full of MEAT! However, we highly encourage you to walk on the wild side and purchase some of these delicious odds & ends to compliment your pork experience. Vacuum sealed and USDA or TX inspected.  

25 Pound Box - $190 

This is the most popular box! A good size for the regular freezer and a great way to introduce your family to pasture raised pork. This box will take up approximately 1 cubic feet of freezer space or about the size of a milk crate to give you an idea. This is a great option for folks without a deep freezer. 

Below is a photo of what you can expect to receive in your pork box. Please know that boxes can vary slightly depending on availability of cuts but will always meet at least 25 pounds. 


The sample 25# box modeled by farmer Dan and farmer River above contains the following: 

  • 1 Bone In Shoulder Roast (avg. 3#)

  • 1 Bone In Butt Roast (avg. 3#)

  • 3 packages Bone In Pork Chops (avg. 1 1/3#, 2 chops per pack)

  • 1 package Boneless Pork Chop Cutlets (avg. 1#, 2 chops per pack)

  • 3 packages Natural Jalapeno Links (1# packs, 4 links per pack)

  • 3 packages Natural Regular Pork Links (1# packs, 4 links per pack)

  • 3 packages Natural Italian Pork Links (1# packs, 4 links per pack)

  • 3 packages Natural Ground Pan Sausage or Plain Ground (1# pack)

  • 3 packages Naturally Uncured Bacon (1# pack)


50 Pound Box - $360

This is a great option if you have a larger family or a family with big appetites! Enjoy having about a quarter pig worth of cuts at your fingertips. Similar to the 25# box as far as cuts and variety. All 50 pound boxes include a free pint of lard...the world's most delicious cooking fat!

NEW! Individual Cuts - See our price list, photos & availability HERE

Need some pork chops for an upcoming cookout? Want to win at breakfast with a couple packages of bacon? Dip your toe in the water and try a single or a few packages of pastured pork! Our limited items such as holiday hams and rib racks are included as individual retail cuts only. These will not be found in box orders. 


2019 WHOLE & HALF HOGS! - $5.00 & $5.25 per pound  x Hanging Weight 

We will have our next batch of hogs ready for the processor June of 2019. This is a great option to choose if you would like to have total control over how your hog is processed. We will take the pig to the butcher, you will select your cuts and we will deliver the final product to you. Sausages, bacon and hams are available at an additional cost per pound. We will make it simple for you and can help you decide on cuts that your family will love. Generally you can expect about 150-180# of packaged meat from one of our whole hogs. Customers who purchase a whole or half hog can also receive all the extra goodies such as fat, bones, feet and organs. Whole and Half hog options are an excellent choice for restaurants and chefs who are looking to source clean, sustainable and local pork for their next special event.This is a nice option if you've got another family to split with plus you'll enjoy the extra savings.

Looking for Offal?  We've got it! Liver, heart, bones, skin, feet, ears and more. Add in these nutrient dense ingredients into your diet, make bone broth, make dog treats! This is the ULTIMATE way to experience true 'nose to tail' eating. See current availability here.

Love Lard? Me too! Pints of hand rendered lard available for $7.00. The lard from pasture raised pigs cannot be beat when it comes to health benefits. Excellent for frying eggs, roasting veggies, baking and deep frying just about anything. 

Delivery or Pick Up: We will gladly work with you to get your pork to you. We also encourage you to pick up your pork at the farm so you can see our animals and experience the farm first hand.

Payment: Cash, Check, Card and PayPal/Venmo accepted.  Please email us to place your order. 

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